The Tehran Foreign Policy Studies Quarterly

About Us

The Tehran Foreign Policy Studies Quarterly is in fact a response to the needs and expectations of a generation of people who search and inquire for the truth; this quarterly came to existence as the result of serious attempts of Political Studies and Research Institute and is now, by linking the senior managers, officials and political and scientific elite, trying to interpret and assess global transformations and international future studies. The quarterly has got an independent approach to analyze and examine the changes in foreign policy and international relations arena, and invite the scholars, academics and intellectuals to help intellectualize and exchange knowledge. The principal writers and agents of this quarterly are as follows:

Publisher: Political Studies & Research Institute
Editor-in-Chief: Ahmad Khazāei
Managing Editor: Hossein Safdari
Deputy Managing Editor: Mohammad Mehdi Shariatmadar
Advisers Group: Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Ali Teshkiri, Dr. Hossein Amir Abdollahiyan (Special Assistant to the Islamic Consultative Assembly and former Deputy Foreign Minister), Dr. Aladdin Borujerdi (chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly), Dr. Abbas Araghchi (Assistant Secretary of State for Legal and International Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Dr. Ali Fayyad (faculty member of Lebanon-Beirut University and Lebanese MP), Dr. Mohammad Hassan Tabariyan (University professor and Special Assistant Secretary-General of the International Assembly of Islamic Approaches), Dr. Reza Amirimghdam (faculty member of Tehran University), Sayed Reza Engineer Sajjadi (President of the Presidential Office of Technology and Ambassador S Dr. Mohammad Mirmohammadi (University professor), Dr. Abdul Halim Fazlallah (faculty member of the University of Lebanon and head of the Institute Studies of Al-Darsat Waltosyq), Dr. Bassam Abu Abdullah (Director of the Center for Strategic Studies in Damascus), Hossein Jaberi Ansari, Dr. Abuzar Ebrahimi Turkman,Dr.FalahatPishe
Editorial Board: Mohammad Jamshidi (PhD), Rezadad Darvish (PhD), Saadollah Zarei (PhD), Ebrahim Mottaghi (PhD), Hadi Soleymanpour (PhD) Mohammad Taghi Naderi(PhD), Hadi Mohammadi
Members of the Editorial Council: Reza Lotfi, Dr Hossein Deussalar, Dr Rezaad Darvish, Seyyed Mohammad Mohsen Mirdamad, Dr Abdolreza Rashed